Avocado Plant, Anyone?

APRIL 7, 2020

This past weekend I was looking through my cookbooks for some tasty new recipes to try and was excited to find this special bonus project, for a beautiful avocado plant, right beside the Chunky Guacamole recipe in my The Clueless Vegetarian cookbook. 

I’ve enjoyed Evelyn Raab’s cookbooks since my first, Clueless in the Kitchen, which was a great way to ease into cooking, with a lot of recipes I still enjoy making, and now to find this fun plant extra is another reason to love her books.

I just happened to have finished an avocado before stumbling upon this so I’m giving my own avocado plant a try. Now all it needs is time and water top-ups. Fingers crossed…

A great project to try while in self isolation! More details in the image below if you’d like to start your own…

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