Getting a little swampy over here…

NOVEMBER 26, 2020

How many layers does it take to create one of my illustrations?…

For Goldie Swamp, it took 44. Just right.

The many layers used when creating Goldie Swamp allow me to build texture, shadows, highlights, veils, play with colour, and composition. This process begins with the original pen and pencil line work to the many layers in Photoshop that bring me to my final illustration. I can’t say I always use this many layers, but with Goldie it had to be perfect.

Goldie Swamp captures a scene from a children’s book story I have written, by the same name. To watch a quick video, with all the layers, visit my Instagram (and follow me! :)) @hollymain02

Goldie Swamp, is currently on display as part of the CANSCAIP Virtual Art Show which launched on October 24th, as a part of the CANSCAIP Packaging Your Imagination Conference. The Art Show consists of illustrations by 49 published, and aspiring, children’s book illustrators. 

See the full art show by visiting

Warning: Tearable Puns

APRIL 26, 2020

I love going for walks in my neighbourhood. These past few weeks it’s been so helpful in getting fresh air and exercise and the fun playful sightings along the way always make me smile… A stuffed tiger in a tree, a bike rack named Rick the Rack and these tearable puns (I even crossed the street to take one).

PUN OF THE DAY:   The invisible man married the invisible woman but their kids were nothing to look at…

More tearable puns (and even downloadable pun posters) can be found at 

CANSCAIP NEWS Spring 2020 - Friend Feature

APRIL 19, 2020

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to sit down with author Sharon Jennings, President of the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP), for an interview for the inaugural Friend feature column in the Spring issue of the CANSCAIP NEWS.

I have been on the CANSCAIP board of directors since 2017 so Sharon and I have been in our fair share of meetings together, but this was a nice change in pace to spend the afternoon talking craft.

The Spring 2020 issue of the CANSCAIP NEWS has since been released and I am excited to share a bit of the article below.* 

Thank you to Sharon for the wonderful article and to CANSCAIP for this great opportunity. Special thanks to the amazing as well for the lovely headshot of me in my studio.

The Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP), is a national membership organization that promotes the professional development of creators for children and teens, through support for their creativity, craft, and business practice. For more info, visit

*Full publication of the CANSCAIP NEWS Spring 2020 is available to CANSCAIP members and friends.

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